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Frostborn: Ultimate Farming Guide

Time to get looting!




Season 22 is finally here for Frostborn, so we have cooked up an ultimate farming guide to help out new and returning players with the game.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know, such as the basics of farming, Zones, and tips about equipment!

Ready to get farming? Well, read on and we’ll give you all the deets!

Ultimate Farming Guide for Frostborn

Think Twice About Gearing Up

Frostborn: Ultimate Farming Guide - Equipment

Due to how death works in Frostborn, you might want to think twice about bringing your best gear whenever you go out farming.

The simple reason is that dying will result in you dropping your entire inventory. Dying in a PvP zone is particularly stressful, as other players can just straight-up steal your loot!

Even when PvP isn’t enabled by the zone, you’re still at risk of losing your farmed items if you die, too. You have 10 minutes to recover your inventory or it’s gone forever.

A player with a full inventory, very risky

Dying a second time before you recover your items will also forfeit them, losing your hard-earned items… nobody wants that!

As such, we recommend that you only bring disposable equipment whenever you go out on farming runs. Keep your truly important items and resources in your base.

Basically, you have to strike a balance between having gear that will help you survive and also having nothing that you would hate to lose.

In the early game, though, you’re better off just going out farming with no clothes on and just a basic weapon!

Know the Tools

Frostborn: Ultimate Farming Guide - Tools

There are a variety of tools, with each one being able to gather a different material when farming. Typical survival game mechanic, of course!

There are only two tools to keep track of in this game, however: the Hatchet and Pickaxe. These are their uses:

  • Hatchet – Can be used to cut down Pine Trees for Pine Logs, with higher tier variants allowing you to cut down Maple Trees and more. Can also break down Walls!
  • Pickaxe – Used to mine the various ores, such as Iron Ore and Limestone. Higher-tier Pickaxes can mine rarer ores.
Promotional screenshot for Frostborn

Frostborn has a really simple set of tools, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, it’s important that you know what both of these tools are good for. Also, make sure to upgrade them later on. Upgrades will become available as you level up your base!

As a final note, know that you can use either tool as a weapon in a pinch. But, they really don’t make for good weapons, so don’t rely on them too much for combat.

Understanding the Zones

Frostborn: Ultimate Farming Guide - Zones

Every Zone within the various locations in Frostborne is assigned one of three colors. These colors define the area’s difficulty, as follows:

  • Green – The easiest Zone, best for new players. PvP isn’t allowed, but resources are pretty basic.
  • Orange – Medium Zone with higher quality materials. However, PvP is allowed and enemies are stronger. Make sure you’re prepared to either fight or run!
  • Red – The hardest type of Zone, but also the one with the best loot. Mobs are pretty strong and PvP is also allowed. Only enter these Zones when you’re ready for a challenge and don’t mind risking your inventory!
Frostborn gameplay

Besides that, it’s also important to know that all Zones have a variety of chests you (and other players) can open. These are a fantastic source of materials, so look out for them when farming.

Zones can also be reset, with the most common way to reset them being to just open up all of the chests. There are usually 3 chests per Zone, so it doesn’t take long to open them.

Alternatively, the Zone will also reset once all mobs have been slain by players.

However, Zones won’t reset if there are still players exploring them, even if there are no chests or enemies left. This can be pretty annoying at times, but it’s just one of Frostborn’s quirks!

Season 22 Item: Freyja’s Gifts

Frostborn: Ultimate Farming Guide - Season 22 Items

If you’re farming now, during Season 22, you’ll likely come across Altars of Freyja and Sprouts of Life. Both of them are tied to the seasonal event, and well worth paying attention to as you farm!

Sprouts of Life are commonly found either as drops from mobs or from opening chests. They’re common in Green Zones, so you can gather them relatively risk-free.

Altar of Freyja

You can then take these Sprouts of Life to one of the Altars of Freyja, which appear randomly in the Zones. They look like tall brown cat statues, as shown above.

These statues will ask you for Sprouts of Life as offerings. Simply accept to offer the Sprouts of Life and you’ll get a Small Freyja’s Gift.

As that implies, Freyja’s Gifts come in different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You can consume any of them from your inventory to get loads of materials you would otherwise need to farm!

Alternatively, you can offer smaller gifts and more Sprouts of Life to an Altar of Freyja to get a larger gift. For example, offer four Sprouts of Life and one Small Freyja’s Gift to get a Medium Freyja’s Gift.

Offering to the Altar of Freyja

It’s usually recommended to get the largest gifts possible, as they are required for seasonal rewards!

Do note that Altar size depends on the Zone, and you need a matching Altar for the gift you seek, as follows:

  • Green Zone = Small Altar
  • Orange Zone = Medium Altar
  • Red Zone = Large Altar

But, there you have it, that’s the last tip we have for you on our ultimate farming guide for Frostborn.

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