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Fortnite: The Autumnwood Location | Season 4

Witness the fall of the enemies in the Autumnwood.




fortnite the autumnwood location season 4

New season, new skins, new maps. Fortnite Season 4’s new update has brought a lot of new and exciting things to elevate your gaming experience.

You can now jump into the Fortnite world and explore new places with various environments and biomes. This means that the game expanded its battleground by providing new spaces for you to camp and take down enemies. It’s all on you on how you will strategize and make use of the new terrains and buildings to gank enemies.

Once you enter the game, you will notice the gray-colored areas on the map. These are all your unexplored areas in the game. Most probably, these are also the areas of the new maps previously added to the game.

That being said, we made this location guide for you to easily reach landmarks of the new map regions.

The Autumnwood Location in Fortnite Season 4

fortnite the autumnwood location season 4 2

One of the newly added map regions is Autumnwood. To easily go here, mark this boxed area the same as the picture shows.

This is located in between the Anvil Square and Shattered Slabs.

fortnite the autumnwood location season 4 3

You would notice that you have already arrived in Autumnwood if you already see these light green-colored leaves on the trees. Plus the orange-colored drying leaves on the ground. Obviously, these are the things you would think of when talking about Autumn.

fortnite the autumnwood location season 4 4

As you wander around, you will see this bungalow house. But this is no ordinary house for you. Inside, you will immediately see a chest on the bed. Plus, some rare and uncommon loot around.

However, you must be vigilant of the surroundings. There is some beast roaming around here called the Alpha Predator.

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