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Fortnite: Raptorian The Brave Location | Season 4

Brave hearts, meet the bravest warrior.




fortnite raptorian the brave location season 4

The latest Fortnite Season 4 update has brought a lot of modifications and new features. New map locations are added, as well as skins, sprays, and even non-player characters.

These non-player characters also known as NPCs are attires that were previously released in early versions. The only difference is that they have come to life instead of being just mere attire.

Finding these NPCs has a lot of bearings such as gaining exp as well as high-quality weapon loot. One of the NPCs that you might want to meet is Raptorian The Brave. That being said, we made this location guide to help you out in meeting him in person.

Raptorian The Brave Location in Fortnite Season 4

fortnite raptorian the brave location season 4 2

To encounter Raptorian The Brave, you have to travel all the way to Pleasant Passage which is a new location. It is located in the far eastern of Shattered Slabs, far western of Faulty Splits, and far southern of Anvil Square.

fortnite raptorian the brave location season 4 3

Try roaming around the area, and once you see this old, abandoned building over here means you are near your target location.

fortnite raptorian the brave location season 4 4

If you walk around here, you will notice this masked man, holding a long-range rifle. That would be Raptorian The Brave.

Approach and talk to him to gain 100 exp. Aside from that, you will also receive an epic Primal Flame Bow and a Med-mist.

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