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Fortnite: How To Get Darth Vader Mythic Lightsabers

Fortnite has new features in the Marvel/DC/Star Wars Crossover, and the Darth Vader is one to look out for.




Season 3 kicked off on Sunday, meaning a new battle pass to buy and more characters to unlock. The final character to unlock as part of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass is Darth Vader, a Marvel/DC/Star Wars Crossover.

How To Get Darth Vader Mythic Lightsabers – Fortnite

Epic Games also has a new update to the map; a new location called Reality Falls. Reality Tree can be found in maps and the saplings that can be planted and harvested for loot.

The Darth Vader Mythic Lightsaber feature is technically not In the game yet, but it will be released soonest. However, we’ll give you the best location and knowledge to help you find them when they come out.


The Darth Vader Mythic Lightsaber can not be found in all the game modes but selected ones. So, to find a Lightsaber, make your way to Fourth Battle Royale Main Lobby, open up your discovery menu, and find the different game modes where this Lightsaber can be found.

It can be found in: Zero build solos game mode, Solos, Zero build Duos game mode, Duos, Zero build trios, Trios, Zero build squads, Squads. You can also get it inside Battle Labs.

New Locations

You can find the Darth Vader Mythic Lightsaber in Greasy Grove, Tree location, and Rave location. Within these three locations, you can talk to an mpc in the map that can sell you the Lightsaber, but they will only have one in stock. For example, in the main Tree location, there will be darth vader mpc, and if you take him out, you will be able to get the Darth Vader Mythic Lightsaber.

Please note that the Darth Vader Mythic Lightsabers is no different from the other Lightsabers in the game, and if you didn’t like the previous ones, the chance is that you won’t like this.

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