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Fortnite: Hitches and Ditches Location | Season 4

Take a hitch and wander around this new land!




fortnite hitches and ditches location season 4

If you think Fortnite is just all about fighting and aiming to be the top 1 among all the other players. Well. maybe you better think again.

From the latest Fortnite Season 4 update, the game became more dynamic and even has a wider world map wherein the players can loot, hide, and take down enemies from a distance or at a closer range.

Once you boot the game and you enter the world, you will notice that some portions of the map are gray-colored. This means that these are the places that you haven’t gone to. Most probably, these are the newly added map regions.

So, if one of your goals is to add colors to your map, you have come to the perfect guide for you.

Hitches and Ditches Location in Fortnite Season 4

fortnite hitches and ditches location season 4 2

Hitches and Ditches is one of the new maps that you can discover and explore in the new Fortnite update.

You can go to the eastern part of Shatterland Slabs and the southern part of Anvil Square. By traversing this track, you can easily pinpoint its location.

fortnite hitches and ditches location season 4 3

When you are already in the marked location and you see this fenced ground, you will know that you have arrived at the destination. Enter this fenced area and you will also be able to get some high-quality loot.

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