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Fortnite: Best Controller Settings for Season 3

In Fortnite, players work together to battle game-controlled or player-controlled characters in an open-world setting.




To be at the top of your game, you’ll need the best Fortnite settings. Unfortunately, the default settings provided by Fortnite are insufficient. To obtain optimal performance, each parameter must be tuned.

Best Controller Settings for Season 3 – Fortnite

It’s challenging to navigate Fortnite’s settings menu on your own. There are a lot of alternatives to pick from, which can be overwhelming. But we’re here to show you the best Fortnite Chapter 3 Controller settings.

Please take a snapshot of your existing Fortnite controller settings before making any changes. Then, if you don’t find it comfortable playing with these new settings, you could use these screenshots to change back. After all, it’s critical that you feel at ease with the new settings, so save your current configuration first!


There is the controller Auto Run–On for the input, you can turn it off, but it’s best to leave it on. Build Immediately (Builder Pro), put it on “Edit”. Hold time and Slide hold time should be on 0.100 seconds. Vibration is a personal choice. It could be on or off.


When it comes to sensitivity, players’ choices differ significantly. We recommend keeping your construction sensitivity relatively high to build swiftly and adequately!

Aim Sensitivity (ADS) should be on 4, and Look Sensitivity (LS) should be on 3. Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier, and Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier should be on 2.4x. User Advanced Options should be On 

Look Sensitivity (Advanced)

The Look sensitivity has a horizontal speed of 45 percent and a Look vertical speed of 45 percent. It also has a Turning (Both Horizontal and Vertical Boost)  set to 0%, Turning Boost ramp time at 0.00 seconds and Instant Boost When Building– off.

Aim down sights (ADS) sensitivity should be on Advanced. Look horizontal speed, and Look vertical speed should be at 13%. Turning Vertical and horizontal boosts are both set to 0% and Turning Boost Ramp time to 0.00 seconds.

Sensitivity (Advanced)

The Look Dampening time should be on 0.00 seconds. Aim Assist Strength and Aim Assist Strength should be 100%

Controller Dead zone

The Left Stick Dead zone and Right Stick Dead zone should be on 13%

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