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Fortnite: All Bosses Locations in Season 4

The prey should not always be the one hunted; turn the tables around!




Season 4 of the Fortnite’s Chapter 3 brought exciting changes in the game such as new skins, new locations, and the Chrome Blob transformation for players. Consequently, with the new locations, a new boss would also be there residing and reigning over such places.

Aside from the main boss, there would also be other NPC bosses which would keep you from looting chests and entering mythic vaults with invaluable items.

Facing formidable would, of course, require your utmost preparation, especially in terms of artillery, armor, and other ordnance, in order to completely defeat them. However, what is mostly overlooked and taken for granted, is the knowledge of the bosses’ locations.

Apart from knowing their abilities and weaknesses, their whereabouts also play a vital role in, if nothing else, surviving the game. It should prevent you from unprecedentedly running into them unprepared.

So, to avoid running into such situation, here are some hints about where bosses could be found.

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Location of All Bosses in Fortnite Season 4

The new main boss on the latest update for Fortnite is named as the Herald Boss. With the game’s hype for the Chrome, this new boss’ skill was unsurprisingly about summoning Chrome wolves.

Proceeding to answer the question “Where can I find the Herald Boss?”, the boss’ name, if you could notice, gives it away already. The Herald Boss is, indeed, found in the new location—the Herald’s Sanctum.

On the Northern area of the Herald’s Sanctum, you would spot a Chrome-made structure. Climb up to this structure, explore a little, and there, undoubtedly, you will see the purple, elf-resembling boss who seems to be performing some sort of ritual while viewing the Reality Tree through a crystal-looking ball.

NPC Bosses

It was mentioned earlier that in the new season of Fortnite, new mythic vaults are added. Along with them were NPC bosses that seemed to be guarding the vaults.

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One of these NPC bosses is located by Maximillia’s Scrap Pavilion, right below the hot-air balloon which helps you transport easily, and is also a new feature of the latest season. Another NPC boss guards a mythic vault inside a graffitied airship—the Flairship—a new landmark in the game.

In Tilted Towers, a tower called No Swear Insurance tower holds a mythic vault, which consequently, is also guarded by an NPC boss.

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