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FIFA 23: Technical Dribbling Guide

Technical dribbling lets you perform new dribbling maneuvers in FIFA 23 to make your gameplay even more fun and immersive than ever.




FIFA 23 has introduced some really cool changes and additions to the game, one of which is technical dribbling. Unlike previous FIFA games, dribbling in FIFA 23 comes with even more animations that make the game even more immersive than before.

Not only that, but technical dribbling takes your dribbling game to a whole new level. In this guide, we’ll have a look at the technical dribbling system and how you can perform it in the game.

Technical Dribbling Guide in FIFA 23

To perform technical dribbling, all you need to do is use the Left Stick. Albeit really easy, there’s actually more to this than just that. If you are able to master this technique, you’ll be able to change directions while dribbling quickly and easily.

Aside from this, you’ll also notice that you can actually interrupt a dribbling animation each time you switch direction. This means that you can almost instantly switch to a different direction and create a body feint motion while on the move.

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How to Improve Technical Dribbling

Any player can perform technical dribbling, though the quality of the action will depend on that player’s Dribbling Attributes. There are various dribbling attributes that will affect the quality of a player’s technical dribbling action.

They’re as follows:

  • Dribbling and Ball Control – Both attributes have an impact on how precise the dribble touch is. This basically means how close the ball stays to the player performing the dribble.
  • Dribbling and Reactions – These affect how fast a player can run and maintain while dribbling the ball.
  • Dribbling, Agility, and Reactions – These three attributes will have an impact on the speed of the dribbling animations themselves.
  • Dribbling, Agility, Balance, and Reactions – All of these attributes will greatly affect a player’s transition speed between the different dribbling animations.

Needless to say, the higher dribbling attributes a player has, the better his dribbling skills will be. As such, you’ll want to let the player with the highest dribbling attributes carry the ball as much as possible.

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Luckily, there’s also a way to counter technical dribbling if the ball is on your opponent’s side. You can do this by using the ML-Jockey system which lets you change directions and turn at various angles for some really defensive moves.

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