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FIFA 23: Tactical Tinkerer Trophy Guide

The “Tactical Tinkerer” trophy/achievement requires you to do some adjusting to your Squad’s tactics in FIFA 23. What is the easiest way to go about doing this?




The Trophy/Achievement for “Tactical Tinkerer” calls for you to “Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.”

All this really means is adjusting the scales or setting of the current tactics of your squad on the corresponding menu options in FIFA 23.

We’ll explain how to do this within minutes in our Tactical Tinkerer Trophy Guide below.

Tactical Tinkerer Trophy/Achievement Guide for FIFA 23

A fairly straightforward achievement/trophy, the “Tactical Tinkerer” will require you to go into your Squad details and create a custom tactic in FIFA.

First, head on over to your Squad and then press the L2 button for PS5/XBOX players. You will then notice the “Custom Tactics” option in the sidebar, which you can then select.

Once on this screen, all you will have to do is simply change one element such as “Defensive Style.” You can tinker around into further detail, but the achievement only requires one change of any degree to any aspect.

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This can be as simplistic as simply adjusting the markers under the ‘Width’ and ‘Depth’ to 50 from 51.

Once prompted, select that you want to save the changes. Once done, you’ll notice the trophy/achievement unlocked! An extremely easy achievement to obtain, considering the time-investment most of them will require in FIFA 23.

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