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FIFA 23: How to Do a Power Shot | Finishing Tutorial

FIFA 23 lets you perform a power shot to add more power and accuracy to your kicks. You can do this by inputting certain keys depending on the platform you’re playing in.




There’s plenty of new stuff added to the latest FIFA 23 game, one of which is the Power Shot. The Power Shot is one of the many ways you can score a goal in the game, and it’s relatively easy to perform as well.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at how you can perform a power shot depending on your platform.

How to Do a Power Shot | Finishing Tutorial in FIFA 23

The Power Shot is a relatively new skill in the game. As the name implies, it lets you add more power to your kick as well as a bonus accuracy. However, it will require a bit of time and a higher degree of input precision to pull off.

Any player can actually pull off a Power Shot; it’s just a matter of performing it properly. Now, as mentioned earlier, how you perform a power shot depends on which platform you’re playing in. Here’s how to do it:


For Xbox, you have to hold both LB and RB buttons then aim using the Left Stick. Once you’re ready to make the shot, simply press the B button.


If you’re on PlayStation, you’ll want to hold both R1 and L1 at the same time. Similar to Xbox, aim using your Left Stick. After that, press O to shoot.


For PC players, simply hold both Left Shift and D keys and aim using your mouse. Then, right click to make a shot.

Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo Switch, you need to hold both ZL and ZR at the same time then aim using the Left Stick. Then, press A to make a shot.

Once you successfully performed a power shot, you’ll notice a slight change in your camera angle. This is purely for visuals and it makes for some really dramatic effects when performing the shot.

However, if you don’t like the camera effect, you can simply disable it. All you need to do is head over to the Game Settings, go to the Camera tab, and look for the Power Shot Zoom option. Change it to Off to disable the effect.

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