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FIFA 23: Defending Guide | Partial Team Press, Hard Slide Tackles and More

Learn the keys to concede less goals to your opponent.




FIFA 23 early access is here and we’ve had a quick taste of its new defensive mechanics. Let us show you about them.

Partial Team Press

PTP is a new mechanic used by pressing R1 or RB twice and holding on the second press that will send two of your teammates to closely mark your opponent’s passing options. They continue to mark until R1|RB is released or their Stamina runs out.

This leaves your manually controlled player to put pressure on the ball, making this a great tool to use when your opponent has reached your goal area and is searching for an open man to shoot your goal.

Hard Slide Tackles

Hard Slide Tackles are performed by pressing R1 + O in Playstation and RB + X in Xbox.

This variation of the tackle has further reach, but it’s not mean to gain possession of the ball as much as pushing it far away to shave off immediate danger. The Hard Slide tackle will send the ball flying away from your own players and not always to favorable positions, so think well on when to use it.

Adaptive Player Switching

How many times a FIFA game has switched you to the wrong defender? Or maybe the one you want is too far away and you have to switch multiple times before making it to that one. Good news, not anymore.

If you keep tilting your right stick, a visual indicator will stretch towards the direction you tilted the stick, letting you both see exactly what direction you’re aiming at and enabling you to take control of any of your players in the field – no matter how far away they are.


ML-Jockey is FIFA 23 new Jockeying system and an improvement from the jockeying in FIFA 22. These are the changes of mention:

  • Players Jockeying within the box can now place their hands behind their back. This may not look like much until you remember that getting a foul in such area would lead you to face a penalty.
  • Slower deceleration from high sprints into Jockey. Say goodbye to fake fast stops and quick turns.
  • The Jockeying player can turn at a variety of angles for more defensive coverage, providing a counter to one of the new game systems: Technical Dribbling.

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