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Expeditions: Rome – All Unique Items Of Africa & Egypt | Weapons, Armor & Accessories

Here are all of the unique items of Africa and Egypt – weapons, armor, and accessories – that can be found in Expeditions: Rome. How many did you find?

Anthony Samaroo



Outside of the compelling and strategic gameplay in Expeditions: Rome, one of the most appealing parts of the game is the wide array of unique (and realistic) items that are scattered throughout the world. Many of them are available in the main quest but some are easily missable – here’s what we found!

All Unique Items Of Africa & Egypt in Expeditions: Rome

Crocea Mors

To obtain this, all you have to do is show Aurelia “Caesar’s broken sword”. She will then give you a schematic to craft Crocea Mors. This sword inflicts the Appraisal status on enemies, which is great for dealing critical hits.

Gladiator’s Trident

This item is obtainable during the “A Vital Matter” main quest but it is also skippable as well.

Located in the room that is directly across from Lucullus’ study, this trident (technically a pike) deals bonus critical damage and has a 20% chance to disarm enemies.

Queen’s Warden

This armor is received directly from Cleopatra so you can’t miss it during your playthrough. During any encounter, the first time an attack would drop you to 0 health, you are instead left with 1 health remaining – a great safety net for newer players.

Scipio Africanus’ Helmet

This helmet is located in the Court of Heaven and can be purchased from a merchant that is located directly south of your horses.

With this helmet, if you end your turn with attack actions remaining you will then start your next turn with 2 attack actions.

Furry Medallion

You can obtain this item in the Court of Heaven before you talk to the cat and complete Aksil’s quest.

Head behind the right wall and mouse over to a cat statue that sits in the water to obtain the Furry Medallion.

It gives a small boost to your movement and critical chance, while also letting animals follow you instead of fleeing.

Warmaksan’s Staff

This staff is received after surviving the ambush that takes place after the Court of Heaven. This staff has a 20% chance to apply “Knocked Down” to your targets.

Spear of the Golden Wolf

This spear is located in the Court of Heaven, right after the ambush. Simply talk to Lunja and they will give you a quest (The Golden Wolf) that will lead you to this spear. With this spear, killing a character on the ground heals you by 15%.

This item is received in your camp (in your market) during the Conquest of Africa. Simply talk to a merchant in your marketplace and he will give you unique schematics to craft the Idol of Mars which can be used to create the Banner of Mars.

Izil’s Bow

This item is located in Awjila and is given by Cleopatra after you defeat Izil. Arrows shot from this bow are not deflected by shields.

Tutankhamon’s Dagger (Meteorite Blade)

This blade is unique in that it has a -100% critical strike effect but it also completely ignores armor. It can be found during the “Number of Death” questline.

Is That All?

Did we miss any of the unique items of Africa & Egypt in Expeditions: Rome? Please let us know in the comments below!

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