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Expeditions A MudRunner Game: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Everything you need to know when starting off.




the new game in the MudRunner series, Expeditions, is a great way to experience the thrills of off-road expeditions. The game is action-packed and loads of fun, but at times, it can also be extremely difficult.

We have put together the ultimate beginner’s guide for anyone about to start the Expeditions game. The game is most difficult when starting, and this guide should help you get familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Expeditions- A MudRunner Game – How to Get Started

gameplay still

Our guide will mainly focus on aspects of the game that are relevant right from the start. The game does get a bit easier as you progress through it and get familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Deploying Your Trucks

4 truck slots

When starting an expedition in this game, you will need to select the trucks to take into the expedition. The game allows you to pick up to 4 different trucks here. You don’t need to take 4 trucks with you, but it is a good option to have.

Sometimes you might need a truck for scouting, and another one for cargo. Under each expedition, the game gives you tips relevant to that expedition. One of the tips here is related to the ideal truck to take into the expedition.

Expedition Equipment

the jack screw and anchor items in the store

Before you go on an expedition, you should always make sure to check your vehicle’s inventory. No matter which vehicle you are taking, always make sure you have the Jack Screw and the Anchor with you.

Both of these items are extremely useful to have in this game. The Jack Screw can be used to bring the car back to an upright position if it flips over. Considering how rough the terrain is in this game, you will need this item more often than not.

The Anchor allows you to create a new anchor point, which can be used for the Winch. Both these items will cost you a bit of money, but they are very worth it.

Unlock Free-Roam

free roam mode form expedition selection menu

Other than doing expeditions, you can also choose to go into the free-roam mode. To unlock free-roam, you will first need to complete every expedition on the map.

vehicle with metal detector on top

Free-roam in this game is a great way to make some extra money and roam the map however you like. You can utilize trucks with metal detectors in free-roam and get yourself some valuable resources.

Pick Your Deployment Location

Before you deploy onto the map, the game allows you to pick the location to deploy to.

the 2 different deployment spots in little colorado

There are 2 different deployment locations on the Little Colorado map, you can choose whichever one you like. Always choose the deployment location based on what your objective is. Spawning close to where you wanna go will save you time and fuel.

Scout the Area

various points of interest on the map

Make sure to thoroughly scout the map, as there are multiple points of interest on the map. You can view the different important locations through your map, and decide where you might want to go.

This allows you to create a plan going into an expedition, and can also help you prepare better. You can pick more suitable vehicles and bring the right equipment with you.

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