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Enshrouded: Where to Find Ammonia

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Ammonia is a very important resource to have in Enshrouded once you reach the later stages of the game. Not only will Ammonia help you level up your flame, but the resource can also be used to craft a number of items.

So, where can you find Ammonia in Enshrouded?

This guide will look at the best location to go to for Ammonia, and how to harvest Ammonia in the game.

Where to Find Ammonia

map location for ammonia

To get Ammonia in Enshrouded, you will have to make your way to the Umbral Hollow location within the Shroud. The custom marker on the map above indicates a good location to go to within the Umbral Hollow for Ammonia.

The Umbral Hollow is a swamp-like area with fairly strong enemies. You need to be around level 20 for this area. It’s always good to be well-prepared and ready to face the Shroud when going into areas such as this.

Items and consumables to help you survive the shroud and also make your character stronger are good to have.

mushroom creature that drops ammonia

The creatures you need to find inside the swamp are shown in the image above. These large, mushroom-like creatures are a great way to get yourself quite a lot of Ammonia.

Defeating these enemies will let you loot the Ammonia from their bodies. You can find these creatures fairly easily within the Shroud. Be careful when fighting them, as they can pack quite a punch and are pretty tanky.

box indicating the sac containing ammonia

Alongside killing them, you can get even more Ammonia by first shooting down the red sacs on their body before you kill them.

Hitting and destroying these red sacs will drop Ammonia Glands on the floor. These sacs can be picked up during the fight, as the fight against the creatures will give you ample time in between.

Using the red sacs to farm the Ammonia is also particularly useful for players who might be a bit under-level. You can focus down the sacs, pick up the drops, and disengage from the fight with your loot. An easy way to get Ammonia early on in the game.

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