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Enshrouded: Ultimate Magic Knight Build

Destroy your enemies with this OP build!




Enshrouded presents a lot of options to experiment with while making your character’s build. With all the different gear, skills, weapons, and more, it can be very hard to find a truly good build. The only way to accomplish it is through hours and hours of experimentation.

Most people don’t have time for that, so we are going to be talking about the Magic Knight build here. 

Ultimate Magic Knight Build

The Ultimate Magic Knight Built is a mixture of melee and magic skills, hence called a magic knight. We will be discussing this build in-depth below!


The first things to discuss here are the stats for this build. They are as follows:

  • 13 Constitution 
  • 6 Spirit
  • 7 Endurance
  • 12 Strength
  • 6 Dexterity
  • 15 Intelligence
  • 870 Health
  • 330 Mana
  • 358 Stamina
  • +74% Melee Damage
  • +34% Ranged Damage
  • +79% Magic Damage
  • +82% Critical Damage
  • 5% Crit Chance
  • +10% Backstab Damage
  • +900% Sneak Attack Damage
  • +400% Merciless Attack Damage 
  • 8 Stamina Protection
  • 60 Parry Proficiency
  • 155 Physical Resistance
  • 196 Magical Resistance
  • 100% Poison Susceptibility

As you can see, this build has a large health pool, which is very useful when fighting some of the stronger enemies. With a health pool, even endgame bosses won’t be able to one shot you. 

Similarly, Intelligence is Leveled to 15 so we can get some good skills. One of these is a top tier skill which regenerates your health constantly. It also provides some nice damage buffs.

Strength is leveled to 12 to allow for good damage boosting when using melee weapons. This is mostly a melee focused character, after all, so strength is required to make good use of it.

Keep in mind, stats can be enhanced by using consumable Food items. For example, a Fruit Bowl increases Health Regeneration by 6 and Stamina Recharge by 3. Very useful to have handy before a big fight. 


There’s a few different weapon types that we need to equip for. They are as follows:

Basic Melee Weapon:

The Bronze Sword leveled up is recommended for the basic melee weapon. It has 47 damage and +18 cutting damage. It also comes with piercing bonuses, with a +9 piercing damage bonus. You also get an increased crit chance of 10%.

Bronze Sword in Enshrouded

Axe Melee Weapon:

The recommended Axe for this build is the Hair Splitter Axe. It has pretty similar stats to the Bronze Sword. 47 Damage and +9 cutting damage. It also boosts your Shroud Magic Damage by +9, and Blunt Damage by +9. It also has a boost of crit chance by 5%.

Hair Splitter in Enshrouded

Ice Melee Weapon:

The Ice Blade is an excellent choice for a melee weapon which has magic damage as well. With a base damage of 47 and +9 Ice Magic Damage on it, you can’t go wrong. It also has +9 cutting damage and 15% crit chance bonus.

Ice Blade in Enshrouded

Fire Melee Weapon:

For more pyrotechnic melee purposes, the Lightforged Axe is recommended. It has a whopping +27 Fire Magic Damage bonus, on top of its 47 base damage. IT also increases critical hit damage by 20%, as well as 5% mana leech damage.

Lightforged Axe in Enshrouded

Ranged Weapon:

If you want to use a ranged weapon, the Shroud Weaver is an excellent option. It has a base power of 58, with +22 Fire Magic Damage. By upgrading it, you can also boost crit chance by 10% and backstab damage by 20%. 

Shroud Weaver in Enshrouded

Always make sure to upgrade your weapons whenever possible. This will increase their effectiveness. 


In general, we want armor pieces that boost our Melee stats. So, equip yourself with the following:

Soldier Helmet: 

Head Armor with 39 Phys resistance and 26 magical resistance. It also comes with a +15% Melee Critical Strike Chance and 12% critical strike damage.

Soldier Helmet in Enshrouded

Magician Chest:

Upper Body Armor with 41 Phys resistance and 82 magical resistance. It gives +90 health and +72 mana as well.

Magician Chest in Enshrouded

Guard of the North Gloves:

Arm Armor with 12 Phys resistance and 12 Magical resistance. It gives +4% magic damage, +4% ranged damage, and +4% melee damage.

Guard of the North Gloves in Enshrouded

Eagle Eye Trousers:

Lower Body Armor with 50 Phys resistance and 50 Magical resistance. It also gives +18 stamina with +1 sprint speed. 

Eagle Eye Trousers in Enshrouded


Rings can be worn to give some additional benefits. We will be using these to enhance our build:

Commander’s Ring: +30% Mana, +30 Health

Commander's Ring in Enshrouded

Ring of the Ancients: +1 Dex, +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, +1 Spirit, +1 Endurance, +1 Intelligence 

Ring of the Ancients in Enshrouded


Whatever shield you end up picking isn’t too important. As long as it has a decent Block and Parry Power you’re good. We recommend the Shield of Light, which comes with 17 Block and 90 Parry Power.

Shield of Light in Enshrouded


There are a few spells that we want to equip ourselves with for optimal play. They are as follows:

  • Eternal Fireball: 144 Damage
  • Eternal Acid Bite: 165 Damage 
  • Eternal Ice Bolt: 79 Damage
  • Eternal Light Burst: 21 Damage
  • Shroud Meteor: 205 Damage
  • Lightning Channel: 20 Damage

While some of these spells have very little damage output, they make up for it with other 

features. Be sure to experiment with all of them and choose your favorites.

With these weapons, armor pieces, rings, shields, and spells equipped, you’re sure to be able to handle any threat in Enshrouded. Just make sure to invest skill points in the skill tree according to your preference as well.

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