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Enshrouded: Misfortune Mace Location

An extremely hard hitting weapon!




Out of all the different weapons you can find in Enshrouded, Legendary weapons are the ones you will want the most. Legendary weapons in the game are not only stronger, they sometimes also have additional abilities attached to them.

The Misfortune Mace is one such Legendary weapon that you can find in Embervale. Our guide will look at where you can find this legendary weapon, and how to get there.

Misfortune Mace Location

map location for mace

You will be able to find the Misfortune Mace very close to where you start in the game. The location for this mace is marked on the map above.

The purple icon marked on the map represents an Elixir Well. You can find Elixir Wells all over Embervale, each represented by a purple icon. These wells are found inside the Shroud and will generally have a ton of enemies there.

This specific Elixir Well is relatively early level, so you will be able to go here safely pretty early on in the game. Still, items or upgrades that can help you survive longer in the Shroud are a good option to have.

Clearing the Elixir Well

hole where you have to go down

Once you arrive at the location on the map, you will find yourself at a well-type structure. This is shown in the image above. From here, you will need to make your way down to progress further.

path to follow once you are down

Upon reaching the bottom of the hole, the way forward is very straightforward. The arrow in the image above indicates where you need to go. Follow the path in front of you and you will eventually reach a red Shroud Root.

destroy the shroud root to clear the area of the shroud

You will encounter a ton of enemies all throughout this area. Most of these enemies though will be around the Shroud Root.

Destroying the Shroud Root will remove the Shroud from the area surrounding the root. You can destroy the Shroud Root using your weapon, or with your hatchet.

Make sure you clear out all the enemies before destroying the Shroud Tree. The enemies are not very hard to kill but will deal a lot of damage if ignored.

misfortune mace item description

Once you’ve cleared the area of enemies and destroyed the Shroud Root, you can now go toward getting your weapon. The Misfortune Mace will be in a chest located in the same area as The Shroud Root.

With the weapon in your possession, you will also be able to upgrade it and make it stronger. The mace comes with a special Mana Leech ability, which is unlocked when you upgrade your weapon to a certain level.

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