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Enshrouded: How to Make Paper

Who knew getting paper would be so hard




In Enshrouded, Paper is used to craft a lot of different items, Especially later on in the game. So, how do you get Paper in Enshrouded?

The game doesn’t exactly do the best job of telling players how to make certain items or resources. Paper is among these resources as it can be quite difficult to figure out how to make this valuable resource.

Luckily, there is a way to make Paper in Enshrouded, and this guide will be looking at how to do it.

How to Make Paper

Paper recipe in laboratory

You can craft Paper in Enshrouded using 2 resources, Ammonia Gland, and Wood Logs. To craft a Paper though, you will first need to unlock the Laboratory. Once you unlock the Laboratory, you can place it at your base and craft Paper from there.

Unlocking the Laboratory

quest description for laboratory quest

To unlock the Laboratory, you will need to complete the “Scientific Instruments For A Laboratory” quest. Upon activating the quest, you will be able to see the first location you need to go to.

first marker for the quest

The marker on the map above indicates where you need to go for the quest. You can fast travel to a fast travel point near this location, and utilize your Glider to get there.

location at the marker from previous picture

Following the marker will lead you to an abandoned camp on top of a hill. Inside this camp you will find a note that you will need to read to progress the quest. There aren’t any enemies inside the camp, but you might find a few wandering around outside the camp.

second marker for quest

The next location you will need to go to will automatically get marked on the map once you read the note.

location at second marker

Once you reach the location marked on the map, you will find yourself at yet another abandoned camp.

flying creature resting at the nest you need to loot

To the right of this camp, you will find a flying monster resting at a nest. You will need to pick up an item from this nest.

You can either kill this enemy or try to lure it away and quickly loot the nest.

looting scientific instruments from the nest

In the nest, you will find the Scientific Instruments you need to craft the Laboratory. You can take the items you just acquired to the Alchemist at your base. Craft and place the Laboratory to start making Paper.

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