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Enshrouded: How to Get a Combat Pet

Partner up with some pet dogs!




In Enshrouded, you can tame some wild animals. Once tamed, these pets can fight enemies for you and follow you around. The game doesn’t really make it clear how you do this, unfortunately.

Having some pets around can be quite useful. Companionship is always a nice addition, and they come with the plus of having some offensive options as well. So, how do you tame some combat pets for yourself?

How to Get a Combat Pet

All you need to do to get a combat pet in Enshrouded is get the appropriate skill in the skill menu. We’re going to be going over exactly what skill that is and how you can get to it.

Note: When animals are guarding you, do not attack any other animals. This will cause them to become hostile. The first skill in the tree for taming them makes all enemies friendly towards you anyway, so you don’t have to fight any.


To get the necessary skill, you have to spec into the Beastmaster tree. It is the second last skill in three, so it may take a while to get to it. The path you should take to get it is highlighted in the image below. 

Skill Tree in Enshrouded

The skill just below our required skill is Calm Spirit. This basically makes all enemies in the game lose hostility towards you. It says “within 50 meters”, but that doesn’t matter. If any animals are outside 50 meters, they won’t aggro towards you anyway. 

Calm Spirit Skill in Enshrouded

The skill we want is the Beast Master skill. This will make all wild animals within 50 meters of you attack enemies. You have to walk up to the animals and tell them to start guarding first though. 

Beast Master Skill in Enshrouded

Keep in mind, that any enemies killed by your pets will give you XP. You can just get a few wolves to attack enemies while avoiding danger yourself, and still get XP. Just get a good shield and stand guard while your pets do all the work.  Also, for whatever reason, enemies don’t aggro toward animals. 

Wolf Attacking in Enshrouded

Unfortunately, this is all you can do with your pets in Enshrouded. It would be cool to be able to bring them to your base. The game is still in Early Access, so maybe that’ll be a feature that gets added later. Fingers crossed!

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