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Elden Ring: How to Get All 6 Black Flame Incantations

Black Flame is useful against enemies with high HP but how do you get all 6 incantations?




In Elden Ring, Black Flame is added in almost every Faith build. Find out how to get all 6 Black Flame incantations in this article.

How to Get All 6 Black Flame Incantations in Elden Ring

Black Flame is an incantation spell that continues to deal HP burn damage after hitting an enemy. This incantation spell is good against high HP enemies. There are a total of six Black Flame incantations that can be acquired in Elden Ring. With this guide, you will find out which bosses to defeat, NPCs to talk to, and how to acquire Black Flame incantations.

Black Flame Incantation & Black Flame Blade

Black Flame throws an arcane black flame explosion that deals decent damage and HP burn damage afterward.You need 20 Faith to use this. It coats any melee weapon that can be affected by weapon greases in black flame. making your weapon attacks deal HP burn damage. 17 Faith is needed for this.

Black Flame and Black Flame Blade can be acquired at Stormveil Castle near Rampart Tower. Get outside of the room and jump straight down to the roof ahead, jump off to the raised platform, and under this will be a staircase. Down the staircase, there will be a door sealed by an imp statue. Unlock it to enter and find two chests. One will contain the Godslayer’s seal and the other the Godskin Prayer Book. Bring the prayer book to any incantation vendor and you will be able to purchase Black Flame, along with the Black Flame Blade.

Scouring Black Flame

Scouring Black Flame is good for hitting multiple things in close quarters to apply the damage over time effect. You need 28 Faith to use this. To acquire this, you will need to defeat a godskin boss at the top of the Windmill Village in the northeast of Altus Plateau. Simply head to the top of this area and find the boss waiting for you to claim this incantation.

Noble Presence

Noble Presence harnesses the energy of the godskin noble to expand your belly and cause a massive knockback to anything particularly nearby. Charging it up will make the damage stronger. You will need 26 Faith to use this. To get this incantation, you need to defeat the godskin noble boss at the end of the Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor. If you haven’t been to the back side of Volcano Manor, you can reach this through the first room on the right in the guest hall of the main entrance, the illusion wall in the back right corner of that room. Once you reach this room and defeat the boss along the pathway, you will get the incantation.

Black Flame Ritual

Black Flame Ritual summons pillars of black flame on a circle around you which will persist for a small duration. This one will be good for applying black flame debuff as the repeated application ensures that it’ll be hard to miss. To use this, you need 42 Faith. Black Flame Ritual can be acquired by defeating the godskin bosses at the end of the Spiritcaller Cave which you can find along the western wall of the frozen lake on  the mountain top of the giants.

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