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Elden Ring: Best Pots to Use| Explained & Locations

Game-changing items you’re not using and why you need to use them.




There are lot of Pots in Elden Ring. Some may wonder, what are these Pots for and why do they have a whole tab dedicated to crafting them?  Surely, there is a good reason behind this.

Best Pots to Use in Elden Ring (Explained & Locations)

Pots are throwable items with all kinds of effects in Elden Ring. You can power up to spend FP, get all kinds of elements, blow up the environment, do status build-ups, or attack the weakness of certain enemies. You can use Pots in many different ways. In this article, you will find out the best pots to use and where to get them.

Types of Pots

There are three types of Pots in the game namely: Cracked Pots, Ritual Pots, and Roped Pots. Cracked Pots are regular pots that you can just aim and throw or target an enemy using auto-lock. Ritual Pots are thrown in the same way but may cost FP and are generally stronger. Roped Pots, on the other hand, are dropped behind like a mine, ideally used for targeting enemies that are chasing you.

Crafting Pots

Pots and the recipes to make them comes from the various cookbooks around the world. With a cookbook, you can check which recipe you’ll need for a pot. Pots usually need mushroom, make sure to stack on those. Rope pots require a string. Naturally, Cracked Pots need a cracked pot to make. You can hold a maximum of 15 cracked pots. Ritual Pots also need a ritual pot. The maximum number you can hold is 10.

Best Pots to Use in Gameplay

Volcano Pot – generates a mist that inflicts fire damage and burns them over time.

Rancor Pot – sends out ghosts/spirits that does pretty solid burst damage

Swarm Pot – procs bleed status when it hits enemies

Sleep Pot – procs sleep effect on enemies

Holy Pot – useful for skeletons as they give them no time to revive

Fire Pot – good for barrels because of their sheer explosive power and fire in general

Freezing Pot – procs frost status, makes enemies regenerate stamina slower and take more damage

Rot Pot – procs rot status but very expensive to get (+ Fetid Pot for poison)

Increase Pots Damage

There are a couple of ways to increase the damage of your pots. The Jar Helmet increases the power or potency of your thrown pot item by about 10 to 15 percent. This is acquired through Alexander’s long quest line. Near the Seethewater Terminus, Alexander will be basking himself in the flames to make himself stronger, that’s when he’ll give you the helmet.  The Companion Jar also raises the potency of thrown jars by around 20 percent. This is a part of the Jarburg quest line which requires you to complete the Alexander storyline first.

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