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Elden Ring: Best Intelligence Meta Builds | S Tier Build Guide

Intelligence build is one of the most epic builds in Elden ring. Here are the top three items and builds that you can use to get the best intelligence meta builds.




Elden ring is an action role-playing game that focuses on combat and exploration. Like other action role-playing games, it is played by choosing a character’s elements and properties.

You can choose from melee-based and close range-based combat, magic skill – that can be applied by creating your own character builds. However, we will only focus on the intelligence or magic-based build for this game.

Elden Ring: Best Intelligence Meta Builds | S Tier Build Guide

Magic is a powerful option in Elden Ring; it fuels the primary form of magic – which is sorcery. Sorcery does not only rely on casting spells; it directly scales to the magic damage which highly depends on the type of weapon you choose. 

Here are the top three intelligence builds and items you can choose to achieve an S-tier intelligence build on Elden ring.

Blind Monk Intelligence Build

Blind Monk Intelligence build is a type of build for people who want to have closed combat yet the power comes from sorcery type of build.

You can use this build for survival since the sorcery comes from your shield that prevents a wide variety of damage that comes from your enemies, making you unkillable and highly defended. However, you must partner it with a weapon like a harpoon, to create extremely high survivability.

Azur’s Glintstone Staff

Azur’s Glintstone Staff is one of the best staff to use if you are aiming for a better intelligence build. It can be found in the Raya Lucaria Academy in the upper section.

There are a number of jumping puzzles that you should solve before getting this staff- which can be difficult for some. Moreover, what makes it more unique from other intelligence build is that – it reduces the cast times for all the sorceries. Reduced cast time means more spells can come out from the staff.

Dark Moon Great sword

If you are looking for the iteration of Moonlight Great sword then consider using the Dark Moon great sword. This sword is filled with both intelligence and strength – which is good when combined with the carrion phalanx; you can get both defense and offense at the same time. You can get this sword after finishing Ranni’s storyline.

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