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Distant Worlds 2: Beginner’s Guide

Being a galactic 4X strategy game, it’s no surprise that Distant Worlds 2 can be very overwhelming at first. This guide aims to help you get started in the game.




The 4X strategy genre can be fairly intimidating for most players. Distant Worlds 2 is no exception to this rule. But these tips will help you get a solid start in Distant Worlds 2.

Be Diplomatic

Distant Worlds 2: Beginner's Guide

The diplomacy tab lets you see and interact with other factions in the game. Be it large empires or even just space pirates or marauders. What you want to do is to make sure to be friendly or even make allies with strong factions. This will help bolster your defenses, as they help you fend off threats. Additionally, you can trade researched tech with these factions. If all else fails, becoming friendly with marauders might not actually be a bad idea, as it will make them less of a threat.

You Don’t Need to Build Everything

During a normal playthrough of Distant Worlds 2, you’ll be advised to build many ships and facilities. However, just blindly accepting every recommendation can put you at a disadvantage. All these ships and facilities can eat up a lot of your money for their upkeep and maintenance. It’s better to play it smart and focus on things you truly need soon instead.

Focus on Warp Drives

There are many research possibilities in Distant Worlds 2. But one of the first ones you should go for is the warp drives. These are in the Hyperspace Tech section of the tech research tree. Early Warp Field Experiments and Stable Warp Fields are the first two techs you can research here. The warp drives will greatly improve the speed of your ships, which is a huge boon to your overall progress.

Place Mining Stations on or Near Planets

This is a fairly simple one. Many planets contain resources that you simply can not obtain straight away, at least early on. That’s where mining stations come in. Mining stations will survey and retrieve all the resources they can. So just place them on or near the planets you want to survey and let them do their job.

Build Spaceports

Eventually, as you expand your coverage of the galaxy, you will want to start building more spaceports. Spaceports simply make it more efficient for you to gather resources, as freighters will have to travel less distances. These aren’t really important early on, but you should definitely keep them in mind as soon as you start expanding. They are key to an efficient economy.

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