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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fish




Despite all the magic Disney has, you still need to do a lot of physical work and efforts in playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. This sim-type, adventure game allows you to explore different places and use tools for your personal reasons or in completing the quests.

Fishing is one of the activities that you can do while playing this. And we can say that compared to other games that involve catching sea creatures, here in Disney Dreamlight Valley is way easier.

However, you still have to find the location of the fishing rod before you can start off your fishing journey. Having said that, we’ll be helping you understand everything you need to know in fishing.

How to Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To use the fishing rod, you just have to look for any bodies of water available. Depending on which platform you are using, whether you are playing on a console or a PC, hold down the space or X button to cast the line.

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You will know if you caught a bite: a large ring will form around the fishing ripple. Once this happens, use the left mouse button or the X button (again, depending on the platform you are using) once the circle shrinks to the same size of the other circle.

After that, you still need to do some more button smashing to secure your catch.

As easy as that, you can catch different types of fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But here’s the catch! At the start of the game, you still have to look for the fishing rod where it is hidden before you can equip and use it.

Where to Find Fishing Rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To obtain the fishing rod, go to the large pond in the Peaceful Meadow. If you are from the Plaza, it is located at the southeast part of the large staircase. As you walk there, you will see a broken fishing rod. Pick it up.

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But don’t worry, you won’t be using it on that state. After you pick it up, go to Goofy at the center of the Peaceful Meadows.

After giving it to him, he will express his gratitude to you for finding his lost and old rod. In exchange, he will give you the Royal Fishing Rod.

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