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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find the Pickaxe

A new adventure awaits you! Read and learn how to find pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




Gameloft released a sim-type, adventure game that you can play and download from Steam. It is a revolutionary game which consists of both the old and new characters from Disney and Pixar which piqued the interest of both young and old console gamers.

The game is about quests, discoveries, and exploration. In this guide, we will help you on how and where to find the pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find the Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Pickaxe is the first and basic tool that you have to obtain in your early games. This is the major key to finally open up and start your valley. However, you will not be having it automatically—you have to find it, and that’s where we are up to.

The first step in obtaining your pickaxe is to roam around and find its location.

Location of Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

At first, the map will be as small as shown in the picture. Having said that, looking for the pickaxe will just be a piece of cake for you.

While looking at the map, you can see the icons of both Scrooge McDuck and Mickey Mouse. These icons serve as indications of their location as well as landmarks. As you can see, Scrooge McDuck is located beside the large staircase.

To go to the pickaxe’s location, just walk right from the large staircase until you reach a small group of large rocks. Once you see the rocks, you will notice a shining object embedded on the center of it. Walk near the object and you will see that it is the pickaxe. Simply grab it and voila… you have now obtained the pickaxe!

Use of Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned, pickaxe will be one of the first tools that you will be needing at the start of the game. This is because, you will be needing it to clear areas that have rocks blocking the way. That way, you can unlock and explore other areas of the map.

Aside from that, collecting pickaxe and other tools will be required to finish the quest The Royal Tools.

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