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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Sea Turtles

Walk by the beach, discover, and bond with sea turtles in Dazzle Beach.




Disney Dreamlight Valley welcomes you with a lot of exciting activities and an interesting storyline. At first, you might think that the quests of the game will just stick on the story itself. But to tell you, there are lost of different things you can do in-game if you are not yet in the mood of completing your quests.

The whole valley is composed of different map areas that you will need to unlock and explore. And what does exploration lead to? Discoveries!

As you walk around new map areas, you will notice the cute creatures roaming around. These are called critters. In every map region, there is a different type of critter that lives on it. You might find it fun watching them run or hop or bounce from afar. But did you know that you can also approach and feed them?

In this guide, we will help you learn how to feed sea turtles.

How to Feed Sea Turtles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sea turtles are one of the critters that you can unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can see them when you visit Dazzle Beach.

To go the Dazzle Beach, you have to head first to the Peaceful Meadows located at the south of the Plaza. When you arrive, look for the large pond. Once you reach it, walk straight until you see a narrow pathway leading you to a sandy area. Then, you are finally in Dazzle Beach.

However, you cannot just feed sea turtles right away if you want to. You should wait for them to get hungry, or else they will attack you—I’m pretty sure none of them also wants to be forced to eat. This is already a hint for you that when they attack you, it means that they are fed. However, giving food to sea turtles quite take some time. As you walk next to them, they will hide inside their shell.

So, you need to stand there and wait until they pop out of their shell again. Once they come out, you can now finally feed them. Sea turtles love seaweeds. Use it to feed them and they will give you random resources as a way to express their gratitude toward

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