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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gift Giving Guide

Giving Gifts to the Disney Characters you unlock and welcome in the Valley would upgrade your friendship level and unlock new quests and items.




One thing Great about Disney Dreamlight Valley aside from creating your very own character and exploring the different Disney Realms, is that you can interact with and befriend your favorite Disney Characters.

One of the Disney Characters that we imagined interacting with at a young age was the Character of Merlin the Magician who first appeared in the old Disney Cartoon Movie the Sword in the Stone.

It is a great coincidence since Merlin is also the first character you interact with that instructs you on the gift-giving mechanics in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In this guide, we will talk about the gift-giving mechanics of the game as well as the perks and benefits of having a high friendship level with the different characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Guide to Giving Gifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Doing Merlin’s Quest will allow you to unlock the daily gift based on the favourite things the character wants in the game. This changes from day to day and what this does is it gives you a boost of experience when giving these types of items as gifts to your Disney Villagers in the game.

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Friendship Level

To unlock more quests or stories for the Disney Characters in the game, you have to raise your friendship level with them. There are 10 friendship levels and each upgrade grants you different rewards and you can assign different roles for them where these perks will boost your mining or harvesting skills once you do these specific tasks in their realms.

You get different items from doing tasks in the valley. Some of these items can also be purchased in the shop but most of the items you collect for gifts are given freely via quests or various tasks in the game.

How to Optimize Gifts

When you unlock the favourite things of the day, each character will have specific items to give as gifts to boost their friendship level.

Give them items that have the EXTRA Star that is listed on the favourite things will greatly boost the friendship level so it’s best to keep an eye out every day on the favourite items each character wants and give it to them when the option is available.

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Doing this every day will make leveling up those friendship levels easier and faster as well as unlocking extra quests, perks and items once you complete each level milestone.

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