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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gather the Items Needed for Maui

Obtain these items to complete the quest.




You can invite the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley into your own valley, but before you can do so, you need to finish their quest first. When a character arrives in your valley, you are going to develop “friendship” with them, calculated by the friendship level.

The higher the friendship level, the more perks, and goods the characters will give you.

One of these characters is Maui, and he is going to give you a quest that requires you to gather some items.

Gather the Items Needed for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Maui will give you the “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest. Of course, you must invite Maui into your valley and reach Friendship level 4 with him to unlock it. Additionally, you need to invite Moana first before you can even invite Maui.

The quest involves a series of tasks you need to complete. For the first one, you need to retrieve certain items from Moana’s realm.

Once you’re in the realm, head straight along the beach, and proceed to the other side of the boat. You are going to see a storage basket; open it up and retrieve the Scraping Stone.

You need to get all of the 5 Scraping Stones. Exit Moana’s Realm, and go back to Maui to finish the first task of gathering items.

The “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest rewards you with an upgraded Pickaxe from Maui himself.

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