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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Mystical Cave Puzzle Solutions




Once you made it to Dazzle Beach, you’ll eventually stumble upon Ursula who will give you a quest called “With Great Power”. This quest involves obtaining the Orb of Power which you can get inside a cave. However, the cave itself has magic gates that serve as a puzzle you need to solve in order to get through.

In this guide, I’ll show you the solution to all of these puzzles.

All Mystical Cave Puzzle Solutions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned, there are three magic gates inside the cave that serves as puzzles. Each of them is unique in its own way, and you need to solve the puzzle in order to gain passage.

First Gate

For the first gate, you’ll notice three statues with glowing stones near it. Also, the stone slab in the middle will hint at getting the right gem for each statue in order to unlock the gate. Each statue has a different color, and you have to obtain matching gems for each of them.

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To solve it, you need to obtain an Aquamarine, a Garnet, and a Peridot by mining stones in various locations. Once you have them, simply interact with the statues and place the gem that matches each of the statues’ color. The gate will then unlock after successfully placing all three.

Second Gate

The second gate will involve plants, and you can find yet another set of three statues near it. This time, however, you’ll notice that each statue has a plot of land at its base. Also, the stone slab will tell you something about planting seeds in those plots.

You can solve this by gathering carrot, wheat, and tomato seeds. However, you need to plant them in this exact order starting from the left:

Carrot > Wheat > Tomato

After that, you need to wait for a while for the crops to grow. Specifically, you have to wait a total of 25 minutes as that’s the time the tomato will fully grow. The gate will then open once all three crops have fully grown. Also, make sure to harvest them since you’ll need them for the last gate.

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Third Gate

For the third and final gate, you will need to cook a Veggie Pasta. Once you arrive at the gate, you’ll notice a handful of rocks around it. You have to break those rocks in order to reveal a golden chest that contains the recipe for the food. After that, make sure to learn the recipe which you can find in your inventory. There’s also a cooking station nearby.

All you need to do is place the three crops you harvested earlier and wait for them to cook. Afterward, look for it inside your inventory then eat it. This will then open the final magic gate.

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