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Dinkum: Where to Find Palm Trees

Palm trees are important resources you can find in Dinkum. However, you will need to venture out a bit in order to find them.




Dinkum is a fairly relaxing simulation game that takes place in the wild Australian outback. As with any other game in its genre, you’ll need to craft various items and farm several resources to progress even further.

One example of those resources is the Palm Wood which you can refine into Palm Wood Planks. You will then use these planks to craft a variety of structures. But to get them, you’ll need to find some Palm Trees first. This guide will show you where to find them.

Where to Find Palm Trees in Dinkum

To find palm trees, you need to head over to the northern part of the map where the tropical biome is. The game doesn’t have an actual map that you can view where you currently are. Instead, it has a minimap that should give you a rough idea of your current location.

You will be able to tell if you are in the tropical biome by the green patches on land on the minimap. It’s actually quite easy to tell since most of the terrain in the game consists of a desert. Once you’re in the tropical biome, you can then find lots of palm trees alongside ferns and other bushes.

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Just make sure you have an axe with you so you can chop down palm trees right away. Take them back to your base and place them on the woodcutter to get palm wood planks.

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