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Diablo Immortal: How to Gain Combat Rating and Stats

In Diablo Immortal, Combat Rating is your character’s score based on its current power level.




Combat rating counts everything related to the actual damage you give during fights. This stat is important because, in every combat, the game compares your combat rating and your enemy’s combat rating. The higher your combat rating, the more damage you can do.

How to Gain Combat Ratings and Stats– Diablo Immortal

The majority of the controls, functions, and settings are either taught to the player through quests or are learned spontaneously by the player. A battle rating recommendation will appear as you reach higher challenge difficulties, Helliquaries, and other mid-to-end game content.

In this guide, you will learn how to gain your combat rating in Diablo Immortal and ways to get stronger. So let’s begin.

Check Your Combat Rating

To check your combat rating, go to your Main Stash Inventory on your bottom left corner and click on equipment and then More Attributes; you’ll find there your Combat Rating.

Alternatively, you can go down to your leaderboard in the bottom right corner, find your character and click on it. You will find their stats, attributes, paragon, bestiary, skills, and clan.

Unlock Gems

To increase your strength and combat rating, an important tip is to go to the Sanctum. At the top right at West March, just above the rifts, click on the Shrine. The Shrine will show you how you can unlock every gem. Go to the Shrine and open the chest; it will show the overworld boss to defeat.

You will find these overworld bosses on the darker sites on the map, kill them, complete the quest and win yourself a gem. Then go back to West March to the Shrine and place the gem there; it will activate one of the statues and upgrade your character combat rating.

Transfer Your Standard Gears

As an additional tip, go to the Smithing Material Shop and transfer your standard gears into enchanted gems which you can trade in Services to upgrade your rank.

Also, you can exchange your non-legendary gems for increasing your ranking.

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