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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed: Higher than the Futen Zoku Achievement Guide

Each map area in Destroy All Humans 2 is inspired by real-world locations and Culture.




They sometimes tend to mish and mash the location details here and there in typical Destroy All Humans style but you get the general feeling of the location that you’re in.

Albion is inspired by London with the Albion Bridge and the enemies you encounter remind you of James Bond Secret Service Agents.

This Next Achievement takes us to a more Oriental Setting. Right at the heart of Takoshima City is a Tall Red Tower. This is where we do our “Higher than the Futen Zoku” Achievement.

Guide to Higher than the Futen Zoku Achievement in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

Start this by heading towards the Tall Red Tower in the middle of Takoshima City. This sort of reminds us of the Eiffel Tower in France but is much smaller so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to get to the top.

Use Ion Detonator Weapon to create an explosion

From here, just climb the tower as high as you can. When you can’t climb any higher, set the ion detonator at your feet and jump while detonating the ion.

Launch yourself Higher than the Tower

This would propel you upward and time your landing at the very top of the tower. Shoot another Ion to propel yourself even higher. If you manage to go higher than the tower, you unlock the Higher than Futen Zoku Achievement Trophy.

After doing this, just head on back down and find another achievement to unlock. Before we forget, you might want to unlock this after completing all the missions.

The Ion Detonator weapon can only be unlocked at the final stage after you complete the game.

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