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Destiny 2: Defenses Down VoTD Raid Challenge Guide

Raids in Destiny 2 can be difficult on their own, but the added challenges can seriously complicate the encounters.




The “Defenses Down” challenge is a part of the raid’s bigger Challenge Launch, started on April 5. This challenge substantially changes the Exhibition encounter, now requiring a lot more teamwork to complete.

Defenses Down VoTD Raid Challenge Strategies in Destiny 2

This challenge only allows a single player to kill one shielded Disciple’s Hourglass Knight. Now, normally you kill those knights using a special relic, the Darkness Laser,  to extend the challenge’s timer.

But in order to complete the challenge, you’ll need to skip at least one of the knights and make the Darkness Laser switch places frequently between players. Good team communication is an absolute must here.

Which Hourglass Knight to Skip

The easiest Knight to skip is the second one in room two. It’s not the only possibility – in fact, you can try to skip more knights if you want – but since this room only has two relics and can be completed quickly, it’s the best choice if you have trouble completing the challenge in general.

Teamwork and Laser Rotation

In the midst of a battle, it’s easy to get confused, so before this encounter starts, you need to decide who will take the laser in each room after each kill. Try to make sure that the more experienced players will get the Lasers last – the farther you get, the higher the stakes are. Not to mention that the fights get more difficult.

Other than that, it’s helpful to have the enemies general position memorized beforehand, as, if you won’t be able to skip the knight in the second room, you’ll have to shave of some seconds later on, which means you want a fight that will end very quickly.

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