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Best Long-Range Weapons in Enshrouded

Combat’s a lot easier when you’re not in the middle of a brawl.




Most enemies in Enshrouded try to fight you at melee range, so having the best long-range weapons at your disposal makes every encounter much easier.

You can snipe fools from a distance with a longbow or bring down magical destruction upon them with staves, the choice is yours.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you what are the absolute best long-range weapons you can get in Enshrouded!

Best Long-Range Weapons

Best Long-Range Weapons in Enshrouded

First off, we are very sorry to disappoint all fans of bows and the like. The truly best long-range weapons in Enshrouded are magical, with staves being simply the best!

That means that, if you truly wish to have the best of the best when it comes to long-ranged combat, you will have to tap into your inner wizard.

But, come on, there gotta be a good bow somewhere, right?

The Best Longbow – Wolf’s Snarl Longbow

Wolf's Snarl Longbow

Well, we don’t want to leave you Ranger-style players out to dry. For those of you, we recommend that you look for the Wolf’s Snarl Longbow.

This Legendary longbow is the best non-magical long-range weapon in the game. It’s not quite as versatile or powerful as magical long-range weapons, but it’s the best you can get as a Ranger.

The biggest downside to this bow is the process of getting it. That’s because its location is random, sadly. That said, there are still ways to farm it, and we have a guide to help you with the process.

Once you get the bow, make sure to use the Hunter’s crafting repertoire to get as many arrows as you need.

The True Best Long-Range Weapon – Shroud Weaver Staff

Shroud Weaver

Now, back to magical ranged weapons, your best bet is the Shroud Weaver staff. It’s the strongest staff in the entire game, and it’s a static loot drop from a certain chest.

That means you don’t need to rely on luck to get it! Just open the right chest and you’re done.

Shroud Weaver location on the map

To get the Shroud Weaver staff, head to the marked location in the Kindlewastes shown above. It’s far to the southeastern corner of the map.

Shroud Weaver chest loot

Simply look for a golden chest on some wooden scaffolding near the cliff to get this powerful long-range weapon.

Always remember, though, that you should make sure to free the Alchemist if you wish to make the most of your Shroud Staff. He will allow you to craft Staff Charges, which are your Spells.

For more details on how spells work in this game, feel free to use our Ultimate Spell Guide.

Nonetheless, now you know what the best long-range weapons are in Enshrouded. Snipe your foes!

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