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Battle Cry of Freedom: Weapons Guide

Weapons are the bread and butter of any action game, and Battle Cry of Freedom is no different in that aspect feature multiple distinct weapon types with their own pros and cons.




The game boasts about 120 different weapons, which might seem daunting at first to a new player, but they can be categorized into a few main types to more properly understand them.

Weapons in Battle Cry of Freedom

As mentioned previously, the game boasts about 120 different weapons, but they can all be categorized into larger types, such as shotguns and rifles. Let’s go over these weapon types:

Shotguns – these are your typical fare, with low range and low accuracy but high damage, ideal for close-quarters combat.

Muskets – sort of a weaker, less accurate version of the rifle, but featuring bayonets which are ideal for melee combat, making them versatile weapons.

Rifles – your go-to when sniping, featuring the longest range of all weapon types by far. They, however, are nearly useless in close and medium-range combat, and they take quite a while to reload.

Pistols and revolvers – handguns meant for mid-range combat. Not the most precise or powerful of the weapon types, but have faster reloads than muskets and rifles and are solid for mid-range encounters.

Melee weapons – as their name suggests, weapons purely meant for melee combat. Their properties vary, but they’re all meant for the same purpose. You probably won’t get much out of them, making them more like emergency weapons.

So there you have it, a basic gist of the weapon types featured in the game. Using the right weapon at the right moment is key to victory, so make sure you understand the pros and cons of each type when engaging your enemies.

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