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Battle Cry of Freedom: Shooting Guide

As a game based on the American Civil War, it’s not surprising that shooting and proper use of your weapons is one of the main elements of the game.




One of the basics of every third-person shooter is, well, obviously the shooting! Battle Cry of Freedom, however, has some unique twists that are worth keeping in mind.

Shooting in Battle Cry of Freedom

First off, let’s get the basics out of the way. You can aim by pressing the right mouse button and shoot with the left mouse button. Pressing V will change the view to first-person, making it easier to aim more precisely, and pressing B will bring up iron sights for even further precision. Finally, the R key will reload your weapon.

You’ll also have to note that there are big differences between the weapon types, such as shotguns having low range and low accuracy, with rifles being the opposite of shotguns with their long-range capabilities and precise accuracy and muskets being sort of an in-between in range and accuracy but making up for their weaknesses with bayonets that allow for melee combat.

Bullet Drop and Wind

Now, getting more in-depth. Aside from weapon types having different properties, there’s a mechanic that sets this game apart from other shooters: bullet drop and wind.

This is something that, realistically, you will have to get a feel for yourself, so it’s good to experiment as much as you can. Bullet drop means that bullets start to arc downwards after a certain distance and the wind, which you can see on the top middle of your screen, makes your bullets stray off depending on the speed and direction of the wind.

This is something you really have to feel for yourself, but the gist of it is that the stronger the wind is, the more your bullets will stray off in the direction the wind is pushing. Getting used to these realistic projectile physics might take a while, but it’s key to succeeding in this game.

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