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Banishers: How to Get a True Ending | Ghost of New Eden

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Banishers how to get true ending

Thanks to the multiple-choice system in Banishers, you need to know how to get a true ending if you want to experience the real endgame. Every choice you make can impact the way the story unfolds, which means it can change the story. This doesn’t mean that the ending you unlock isn’t the right one; however, there’s a real ending nonetheless.

This story-driven action RPG unfolds thanks to the way most characters interact with each other. In other words, you could end up on multiple paths during your gameplay. Eventually, you will be set to a fixed ending, depending on what you did. Choosing how you handle the cases you are assigned and what to do with the souls you come across is key to getting the best ending.

How to Get the True Ending

There are four possible endings in Banishers, and if you pay attention, you can learn how to get a true ending on your own. Every time you face a soul, you can choose to banish it, blame it, or ascend it. Depending on which one you pick the most, your story and the consequences of what you did will change.

True Ending

Known as the “Good Ending,”  the true ending is unlocked when you fulfill the Ascend Oath. To achieve this, you need to “spare” or “ascend” most of the souls you face in the game. You also need to promise to ascend Antea in a key moment of the story.

Bahishers Red and Altea get true ending promise

There are 23 haunting cases in this game, and each of them will present you with multiple choices. You must choose what to do with the soul of every ghost, either by following your oath or breaking it. Ascending or banishing every ghost in New Eden will guarantee that you unlock the true ending. Your oath as a banisher determines that you must help the spirits as much as you can. Following this path will prove that you worked hard on your task and will give you some closure.

Banishers get true ending ghosts choices

Finally, while Red will be grieving after letting Antea go, this ending allows the couple to have a heartwarming ending. Eventually, you learn that Red recovers and passes on his knowledge to a new group of apprentices.

Considered the best ending so far, the true ending provides a positive closure to the story. Keep in mind that, even though this is the best ending, there are four more to be discovered.

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