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All Elder Armor Pieces Locations in Enshrouded

One of the best late game armors!




Like all armor sets in Enshrouded, they have a level attached to each piece. 25 is the max level for your character, and also any gear you can find in early access.

Finding good level 25 armor is very difficult, and if you want a complete set, it becomes even more challenging. The Elder Armor is an armor set in the game that is not only level 25, but it is also extremely easy to get.

We will be looking at the location of the Elder Armor pieces, and the exact way you can get the whole set in very little time.

All Elder Armor Pieces Location

chest found on the platform

To get the complete armor set, you will have to farm pieces one by one. Unlike the Guard of the North armor pieces, the Elder Amor set doesn’t have an exact chest to get the pieces. However, there’s a trick you can do to still get the set.

You can utilize a mechanic in the game that resets chests when you exit and enter your game.

By resetting chests, you can loot the chest, reset it, and then go back to it to loot it again. For the Elder Armor, you can utilize one certain chest and keep resetting it to loot it again. This isn’t the only way to get this armor set, but it for sure is the most efficient.

Chest Location

map location for chest

To get to the chest you need to farm for the Elder Armor, and head to the southeast edge of the map. Here close to the Scatterbone and Sun Temple markers, you will find the chest. We have marked the exact place you need to go on the map.

The area here itself is pretty late game, and you will have to encounter a lot of strong enemies getting here. Near the chest though, there are no enemies. You will also need to place a Flame Altar close to this chest, so do keep that in mind when traveling here.

Setting up Your Flame Altar

placing the altar on the platform

On the exact location marked on the map, you will find yourself on the small platform seen in the image above. The blue arrow indicates where the chest is on this platform.

The first thing you need to do here is set up your Flame Altar. Flame Altars in Enshrouded act as spawn points, so you will need this altar to repeatedly farm the chest.

Getting the Armor

Now all there is left to do is loot the chest and get your armor.

elder hat looted from the chest

After setting up your Altar, make your way to the chest and loot the item that it has. You will only get one piece of the armor or some other different item.

reset the chest by returning to the main menu

Once you’ve looted the chest, make your way back to the Altar and exit the game. You don’t have to fully quit the game, just returning to the main menu works too. When you load back into the game, you will spawn at the Altar and the chest will be lootable again.

This certain mechanic using the Altars works for other chests and items too. We are not exactly sure if this mechanic is intended, but as long as it is here, do make the most of it!

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