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TEVI: Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

This game might look cute, but it sure as hell ain’t easy.




TEVI is one of the most challenging Metroidvanias in recent years, with boss fights being particularly tough if you don’t know some tips and tricks.

Bosses have a handful of dazzling bullet hell patterns at their disposal and massive health pools. They’re no pushovers, that’s for sure, so you’ve got to be fully ready to take them on.

In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help deal with these fights!

Tips & Tricks To Deal With Bosses in TEVI

Be Aware Of Your Hitbox

Tips and Tricks for TEVI Boss Fights - View your Hitbox
Source: GamesFuze

TEVI takes heavily from bullet hell games, just like its predecessor, Rabi-Ribi. This isn’t just for the insane bullet patterns exhibited by bosses, though! It’s also shown through your tiny hitbox.

Indeed, Tevi has a much smaller hitbox than you might assume. Just so you know, the hitbox is the area of the character that has to be hit by an attack to actually receive damage.

The setting to show the hitbox

You can make your hitbox visible at any time from within the in-game settings, as well. Setting it to always show throughout boss battles will make it visible anytime you’re fighting a boss.

Highlight the hitbox in TEVI, which is a tiny diamond around the protagonist's neck

Look at the example screenshot above, too. The white diamond around Tevi represents her hitbox. It’s extremely tiny, ain’t it?

Her head and most of her body aren’t covered by the hitbox, giving you a lot of leniency when it comes to avoiding attacks.

Use this knowledge to your advantage when weaving through tricky bullet hell patterns!

Hold the Melee Attack Button

Fighting the Vena boss
Source: TEVI on Steam

Boss battles in this game are long, there’s no doubt about that. Bosses have massive health pools that can feel like they take forever to chip away at.

As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt physical fatigue from just mashing the poor Melee Attack button like there’s no tomorrow. However, there’s a little trick here!

Instead, you can hold the Melee Attack button instead to perform combos. The combos aren’t the exact same ones as what you get from mashing, but they are still useful and easier to pull off.

So, if you find yourself getting tired when dealing with bosses, try just holding an attack instead of mashing!

Be Patient And Watch

Fighting the Malphage boss

When first attempting to fight bosses, you should focus on being patient. Watch the bosses carefully to learn their attacks and patterns.

Some bosses even have static bullet patterns, which can be avoided by just standing in the same spot every single time.

This will allow you to more readily react to what bosses do, ensuring your long-term survival with every attempt.

Eidolon boss fight in TEVI

It also helps to pay attention to what’s actually a threat to Tevi herself. Frankly, some of the bullet patterns are mostly fluff, with lots of bullets that are actually never anywhere close to Tevi or her tiny hitbox.

As the saying goes: “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.” Though we doubt Sun Tzu was talking about TEVI when he said that…

Take Breaks

Tevi takes a break by enjoying a drink at the beach

This is the hardest tip to take for some of us. After all, it’s frustrating to stop playing a game just because one boss is blocking our progress. We want to win and we want it yesterday!

But honestly, sometimes all you need is a little break. Go for a walk, watch some memes on TikTok, rant to a friend on Discord about how insanely hard TEVI is, go play with your pets, etc.

Anything really, but just stop playing for a while. You might be more fatigued than you realize!

The break might help you destress for a bit and regain your focus once you get back to the game, so you might find yourself suddenly beating that one boss that was giving you grief. Trust us, it just works!

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