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Last Epoch: Where to Farm Bastion of Honour Shield

Get your hands on the most OP shield in the entire game!




The Bastion of Honour shield is already a notorious item in Last Epoch. It used to be so overpowered that it got multiple nerfs, but it still continues to be insanely broken. Its modifiers have some of the best buffs, regardless of whatever build you’re running. It does favor melee builds though.

Finding it can be a bit of a hassle because of how rare it can be. We’re gonna help you farm it!

Where to Farm Bastion of Honour Shield

The Bastion of Honour Shield can be found in the Monolith of Fate timeline called “The Black Sun”. Here, look for echo rewards containing “Unique or Set Shields”. It is one of the rarer items, so it’s gonna take a while to grind!

The Black Sun in Last Epoch

The Bastion of Honour has good implications that boost your character’s Blocking ability. It increases your Block Chance by 25% and increases block effectiveness by up to 800. Its modifiers are what really make it worth your while though.

First of all, the more strength you have, the more your Block chance increases. Additionally, you get increased values of health and mana by 60. The real highlight though, is the fact that you can gain Health on block. Having basically free health regeneration like this can be game-changing!

Bastion of Honour in Last Epoch

With modifiers this good, any amount of time spent farming seems worth it. This is definitely one of the rarest items in the game though, so do keep that in mind when grinding!

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