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Last Epoch: How to Get the Paranoia Helmet

Get your hands on a unique legacy helmet!




In Last Epoch, out of all the items, there are some that prove themselves to be the best of the best. These items have good stats and good bonuses. Unfortunately for us though, they are also extremely rare and hard to farm. 

One of, if not the best Helmets in the game is the Paranoia Helmet. We’re going to be going over its stats, as well as where you can go to farm it.

How to Get the Paranoia Helmet

You can get the Paranoia Helmet in the special Black Sun timeline. Here, you want to look for the echoes with “Unique or Set Helmet” rewards. This is the most efficient way of farming the Paranoia Helmet.

The Black Sun in Last Epoch

This helmet comes with a very special modifier. It makes this helmet probably the most unique item in the game. When this helmet is equipped, players can use the Lunge ability even without a target. This adds an extra movement option to the game, and can be quite revolutionary if used correctly. 

Paranoia Helmet in Last Epoch

If that wasn’t enough, the Paranoia Helmet also reduces the cooldown for Lunge by up to 40%. It also has implicit stats of +365 Armor, and a ton of boost to your Fire Damage. This is a very good helmet, and well worth the amount of grinding it might take to obtain!

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