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Last Epoch: How to Fix Menu Not Opening

Let’s troubleshoot this issue and get back into the game!




As with most games, Last Epoch is no stranger to bugs and other technical issues. Some of them are more intrusive than others, making it impossible to even play the game. In cases like these, it can be very annoying and frustrating to deal with the game’s issues.

Some players have recently reported being unable to even enter the game’s menu. We’ve compiled a few steps you can take to maybe try and fix this bug!

How to Fix Menu Not Opening

Players have managed to fix their menu not opening in a few different ways. This can be as simple as disabling a certain setting or slightly more complicated. We’ll be going through a couple of the most popular ones.

Deleting Loot Filters

In Last Epoch, you can make use of various loot filters to enhance your quality of life experience while playing the game. Sometimes, this can cause some issues and make your game bug out. Players have reported that the loot filter system in general can cause the game to bug out. The bug can be caused by disabling them, enabling them, or even just switching them. 

You can fix this by deleting the filter files from your PC. The game stores all of the filter files in one folder, and deleting that may fix your issues completely. Be sure to not accidentally delete your character. Head to the directory below and delete the filter files.

Folder Location for Last Epoch

Graphical Troubleshooting

Sometimes, using graphics quality too much for your PC to handle can cause the game to crash and behave weirdly. Turning the quality down a notch or a couple of notches can make your game much more stable

Graphics in Last Epoch

These steps should fix the menu not opening a bug for you. If it doesn’t, there’s not much you can do except wait for official developer help or patches. 

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