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Last Epoch: How to Farm Red Ring of Altaria

Get one of the best rings in Last Epoch!




Last Epoch features a lot of different types of equipable items that all have different effects. These items can make or break certain builds, and make the game much easier. All of these items are at least decent in their own way, but some are the cream of the crop.

One of the best Rings in the game is the Red Ring of Altaria. We’ll be going through what makes it so special, along with where you can farm it!

How to Farm Red Ring of Altaria

The Red Ring of Altaria can be farmed in only one timeline. It’s a very rare drop, so it might take a bit of grinding. The timeline where the Red Ring of Altaria drops is The Age of Winter timeline. Look for echoes that reward “Unique or Set Rings”. 

The Last Ruin in Last Epoch

The Red Ring of Atlaria adds to your movement speed. It also raises all of your attributes, all of your resistances, and increases your Health, Mana, and Dodge Rating. All in all, a very good ring. 

Red Ring of Altaria in Last Epoch

You can always try to use empowered timelines to make it likely that rare items drop. You do have to remain patient though. Eventually, you’ll get your reward!

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