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Last Epoch: How to Disable Chat

For when you aren’t feeling your most sociable…




How to Desable Chat in Last Epoch

Last Epoch can be fun to play with other people, and the chat is what makes that possible. Often though, you just want to do some solo grinding and not deal with the online chat and social aspect of the game. Other times, some people are just being annoying and you’d rather not deal with it.

In either case, you need to know how to disable chat. We’re here to help with that if you can’t figure it out!

How to Disable Chat

Chat can be disabled through the main menu, so you can’t see it anymore. It really is that simple. It is elaborated on with images below. If you want to learn how to make the best use of chat when you are using it, check out this guide on linking items in chat.

To disable chat, you need to go to the Main Menu. In Last Epoch, you can enter the Main Menu by just pressing Escape by default or whatever your Menu button is.

The second option on the list is either Join Chat or Leave Chat. 

Main Menu in Last Epoch

Alternatively, if there are some elements of the chat you want to turn off and others you want to keep, there is another option for that. If you look at the top of the chat window, you will see “All” with a drop-down arrow. 

Disabling Chat Options in Last Epoch

By clicking it, you can pick what elements you want to keep by clicking them. By unticking some you can disable those elements specifically.

The option changes to reflect whether or not you had left chat when you first entered the Main Menu. If you’re still in the chat, the option will say “Leave Chat” instead. That’s all you need to know to disable chat. Have fun with your new solo gaming!

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