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HoloParade: Best Tips & Tricks

The best tips & tricks for this vtuber tower defense!




HoloParade is a new indie tower defense game with bright and colorful aesthetics. Developed by Roboqlo, this game is unique because Holostar vtubers inspire the characters.

There are a lot of elements to HoloParade that make it perfect for casual gamers who play mostly for their favorite Vtuber, but also for the strategist interested in the tower defense genre. 

That being said, HoloParade is still above all else, a challenging 2D tower defense. To help you get the most out of your HoloParade experience, we’ve compiled this list of the best tips and tricks in HoloParade so keep reading to learn more about it!

Best Tips & Tricks in HoloParade

There’s still some depth and strategy needed to get past the levels in HoloParade, so players new to the genre might struggle when they first get the game.

There are over 65 characters all with their own unique set of skills, and optimizing your skills combinations could be the key to winning a round. 

1. Voltage is King

Voltage determines the rate at which you get motivation points to summon additional characters into battle. The level of voltage is increased permanently for every mascot from different symphony groups in use on the field.

A voltage level of 6 or higher is recommended for most stages, so make sure that you’re using mascots with different instrument types to up your max voltage.

2. Stalling is Best

When your flag is blown up you gain a huge motivation boost (often enough to summon a UR unit). This means that sometimes it’s better to let the enemy attack your flag for a while until you gain the motivation boost. 

This boost allows you to retaliate with a counterattack strong enough to push the enemy back. Having the Wall Support card (gained from completing the Tokyo Tour) is great for stalling the enemy when you don’t have enough motivation to summon mascots.

3. Don’t Panic

This can be applied to anything, but in the context of the game, panicking might mean spending your motivation unstrategically

Don’t spam units for the sake of sending them out if you know you’re on the losing end. Instead, bide your time (this is where tip 2 comes in handy).

Try and save your motivation when there’s a clear window for a counterattack. Just remember, the battle isn’t lost until you’re dead, so what’s the problem in taking a little damage?

4. Some Units Are Better Than Others

It might be cheaper to send some units in but they might not be the appropriate counter-offensive for some battles. Make sure you have a solid distribution of each instrumental type– a high DPS, AOE Units, and 1-2 Tanks. 

Pekora and Korone are two of the stronger URs in the game, with Okayu as a decent alternative for the two. The free Ayame beast you unlock after chapter completion is also a good unit to have.

And with all strategy defense games, it is also good to have 2-3 low-cost units (1-2 cost) to send out as meat shields during an attack or for quick defense.

5. Auras

Knowing enemy information before a battle is important. This knowledge includes what Auras you’re going up against in a fight. What’s inconvenient is that the gacha system makes it so there are times when you won’t have a good fight against some Aura situations.

There are 4 in total in the game and results in your units being taken out in 1-2 shots. There’s currently no way to stop the game from spamming you with units that can’t counter the Aura you’re up against.

In these cases, fight fire with fire and try to overwhelm with DPS and stalling (See Tip 2).

6. Grind & Boost

As you progress further in the game, each level will give you more gold. There’s also a social media game that gives you a decent amount of gold too. This gold can help you improve your stats and can get you a long way. 

An issue you might encounter is that the gacha system in the game gives you high-cost units early into the game.

This makes the game much harder because the length of time and effort needed to grind will be greatly increased. With each minute passed in the game, your enemy only gets stronger, and it can get bad fast.

There are only two ways to overcome this: You can restart your save and replay the game hoping you get better gacha than the last time or grind your gold to level up your mascots and brute force your way through the stages. (There’s also hoping for a ticket drop which could give you something useful).

And that’s pretty much all you need to know to get your sea legs in HoloParade. The game may look complicated at first with its multiple icons and characters, but once you get a good foundation with this guide, you should breeze through the game like nothing. 

We hope this guide proves useful to you and gives you some of the best tips and tricks in HoloParade. Huge thanks to user Orangekeeper and The_Shoe_Saleman for the help on this guide on the Community Page. Happy defending!

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