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Enshrouded: How to Craft Linen

Craft more with more linen!




Enshrouded is home to a lot of different resources used for different things. You should try to get your hands on all of these so you can craft more equipment. One very useful type of resource is Linen.

Linen is used for crafting various things, such as backpack upgrades, furniture, and other structures. A lot of important tools require Linen to be crafted, so how do you craft some Linen?

How to Craft Linen

To craft Linen, you need to find a Hand Spindle tool. This is required to craft some Linen. In this guide, we will be exploring the topic of finding a Hand Spindle and crafting Linen through it. Once you have some, you can start crafting some weapons.

To find your own Hand Spindle, head to this location on the map. 

Map Location in Enshrouded

Once here, you’ll need to look around the area for a bit to find a cave entrance. The best way to go about this is climbing up to a higher location and then scouting below. It’s not too hard to notice, so you should find it in no time. 

Cave Opening in Enshrouded

Head inside the cave. There are a few Level 13 Spider enemies inside, so be careful while exploring it. After killing the spiders, you need to expose a hidden wall by attacking it. It has three little eggs at the bottom. 

Hidden Wall in Enshrouded

Attack it and head inside the passageway. You will find yourself in the Abandoned Hunter Camp area. Keep exploring until you find an item with a light shining from it. Collect it to receive your Hand Spindle. 

Hand Spindle in Enshrouded

Now all you need to do is place the Hand Spindle tool and you can craft all the Linen you want. The amount of things you can craft now should be greatly expanded, so have fun crafting!

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