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SCORN: Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Horror fans delight at the eerie atmosphere of the new horror game




The highly-anticipated Horror game, Scorn, has been announcing by Ebb Software in 2014. It’s a new style of horror game that blends elements from a traditional shooter game and the best of what the horror genre is known for.

Scorn has an Eerie atmosphere and Terrifying creatures set in a mysterious Alien world. The videogame horror fans are on the edge of its seat, considering release is just around the corner.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to buy this game, here are 10 things you should consider before buying Scorn. Let’s get to it.

15 Things You Should Consider Before Buying

1. Visual style

From the first look, this game looks absolutely horrifying. The entire setting just looks unsettling. The combination of the creepy atmosphere, the grotesque monsters, and the blood and core combined the feeling of something so wrong yet so right.

So if you’re into that sort of thing, this definitely should be up your alley.

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2. Story

Scorn’s narrative premise is purposefully portrayed as mysterious and unambiguous.  Not much is known other than you’re a humanoid-like creature lost on a terrifying planet.

The goals of your character are revealed as you progressed. The mystery of it all definitely adds to the horror factor overall.

3. Not a shooter.

If you expect to take on the game guns blazing, then I have bad news for you. Although it is an FPS game, developers have explicitly said that it is not a shooter.

4. Atmosphere

The game steps away from the jumpscare in-your-face horror. It’s a game that relies heavily on atmosphere and immerses players in its horror storyline.

5. Weapons

Scorn has a grotesque visual design on its guns. The game has several guns like a Grenade launch, 6 shot pistol, and more.

It seems that you can only equip one at a time considering it looks like it connects to your body.

6. Inventory and ammo management

Scorn will not be all guns blazing. It’s similar to other horror shooters where conserving and smartly using your ammo is part of the thrill.

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7. Length

The game will take 6-8 hours to finish which is a sweet spot with similar games to Scorn.

8. Price

The game will retail for $39.99 which is a  fair price considering its niche.

9.4k 60 fps

In this aspect, Scorn won’t definitely disappoint the game will run in 4k, 60 frames per second.

10. Pc requirements

In case you haven’t checked it, I included the system requirements for the game before. Considering the scale of games like these, this looks like the standard PC requirements of this caliber.


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