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God of War Ragnarok: What to Expect | Puzzles, Graphics, Combat, Progression, and More

Learn what’s new in the new addition to the God of War franchise




The God of War Ragnarok is the freshest addition to the God of War franchise.  The franchise is known for its badass god-slaying protagonist, Kratos, who has taken a soft-hearted turn after the introduction of his son Atreus.

Ragnarok builds up the character development of Kratos throughout the games(especially in the last one) but retains the badass elements of crushing your enemies with one flick of your weapon. God of War never fails to make its players feel like a badass.

Now with Ragnarok coming out, loyal fans of the franchise are waiting at the edge of their seats for more information on the game. There’s actually a lot to expect from it. Complete with puzzles, graphics, combat, and more. Here’s what to expect on the latest addition to Kratos & Atreus’s journey.

What to Expect from God of War Ragnarok

There’s no avoiding that there is a large hype surrounding this game right now. This is largely due to the success of the previous installment. Will they retain certain elements or have they added a bunch of new ones? Here’s a breakdown of all notable changes to God of War: Ragnarok.

Game specs and Graphics Performance

Right off the bat, Ragnarok is a whopping 98-Gigabyte download. Expect a large download coming in before you play. But this is understandable since the visuals are a stark upgrade from the previous title.

Image credits: Fextralife

It’s almost like watching a hit movie, except you get to play the badass main character.

Accessibility and Customization

The most notable change in Ragnarok is the multitude of customization options available for its players. It even rivals the customization options normally available for PC players.

Image credits: Fextralife

Players can customize literally everything they can see on screen. From motion blur, and camera shake to customizing controls and so many more.

Gameplay and Combat

As you probably guessed from the trailer, the game picks up right after the events of the previous game. Ragnarok shows the ramifications of the events of the previous game.

In terms of combat, Ragnarok retains the classic God of War progression. Players start off with the Axe and Chains and progress throughout the game.

The combat feels familiar and that is a very good thing. There’s a reason why gamers love to smash enemies in the face – and it’s to feel like a god-slaying badass.

Game progression

Like previous God of War titles, the game has Skill trees that upgrade your weapons like Axe and Chains. Ragnarok included a slight revamp but retains the classic lovable elements like the format.

Exploration and puzzles

Image credits: Fextralife

There are no significant changes to puzzles in Ragnarok, which is a good thing. Players go to certain sections of the map and defeat bosses to progress through each place.

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