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Dakar Desert Rally: Is it Worth Buying | Review and Beginner’s Guide

Read this first before buying Dakar Desert Rally




The Dakar Desert Rally was launched on October 4. It is a follow-up to Dakar 18 and was created by Saber Interactive Porto. Travel on various vehicles through Saudi Arabia’s harsh deserts as you strive to become the best racer.

Suppose you ever decide to purchase the game. In that case, we will demonstrate whether the Dakar Desert Rally is worthwhile and provide you with a beginner’s guide.

Is it Worth buying, Review and Beginner’s Guide in Dakar Desert Rally

Three different game modes are available in Dakar Desert Rally: Sport, Professional, and Simulation. Because of the game’s modes, even casual gamers can enjoy it. The game includes dynamic weather, which may impact how you play. Besides having an enormous map, the graphics are lifelike, and the scenery is fascinating.

It’s enjoyable to control the cars, and it feels good to accelerate across diverse terrains. The quad bikes and smaller, lighter SxS vehicles present some challenges. The game draws inspiration from actual Dakar races. Additionally, you can tune your car.

Beginner’s Guide

The game features 5 vehicles: a motorbike, car, truck, quad bike, and SSV. When an Event Progression is finished, some cars are regarded as the Ultimate Reward. You will gain money for each race you complete, which you can spend to purchase new vehicles.

You can take your car for a test drive before you buy, and you can base your car purchase choice on engine noise, handling, cockpit, etc. Only automatic or semi-automatic steering wheels are supported in the Dakar Desert Rally. The game also has a cost-free online multiplayer option.

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Game Review

Duelyst 2 Review

A complete look at Duelyst 2! Is it worth it?

John Alano



duelytst 2 review

Duelyst II is a digital collectible card game and turn-based strategy game that Counterplay Games initially published. The game revolves around fighting on a 5×9 battlefield and beating the opposing generals. Generals will start the game with a maximum of 25 health points and will begin with two attack power. Per turn, generals can use cards to summon minions, use spells, and equip artifacts.

duelytst 2 review2

These cards cost mana core, and the mana bar will be refreshed at the beginning of each turn. Also, players can gain up to a maximum of 9 cores by taking control of one of the three mana tiles on the board. There are over 300 cards in the game, and each of them has unique effects.

duelytst 2 review3

Duelyst II reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics, which I considered a good strategic game that was released in 1997. The game’s graphics are pretty average, but the combat system makes Duelyst II enjoyable. It involves taking board control in the early game to unleash your card combos in the mid to late game.

There are some RNGs involved, but skill and good cards matter here. However, anyone who supports their Kickstarter project or spends money has a massive advantage in card optimization Overall, this game is good for players interested in a competitive strategic-based game with complex card systems. Casual players might not like this, but hardcore fans would definitely play it.

Our Verdict & Score

Duelyst 2

John Alano

Gameplay & Combat


The Duelyst 2 is a fan-made version of the original game. The devs got the whole game for free and tweaked some things to make the game exciting. The card system in the game makes it complex enough for beginners and advanced players alike. The whole gameplay and combat are fun and could be frustrating if you’re not into a strategic game. Overall, this game has a lot of potentials and could be one of the best strategic-based games ever made.


We also have a complete beginner’s guide for Duelyst 2, so if you do end up playing it, make sure to check that out as well!

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