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Will Synergy Be Multiplayer or Is It Singleplayer Only?

Will you go on this adventure alone, or with all your friends?




Synergy singleplayer or multiplayer

We have some fantastic news for all you gamers who love a particular city-builder called Synergy. It releases for Early Access on May 21! Set in a gorgeously dangerous post-apocalyptic world, it promises plenty of strategy and head-scratching. With its release still a few days away, you’ve probably got some questions, and we’re here to answer. First, how to play? Singleplayer or multiplayer, that is the question!

Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Goblinz Studio, the developers of Synergy, have said the following:

Synergy is thought to be a singleplayer experience. You never know what can come later for the game, but it’s not planned to add multiplayer at the moment!

Thomas Goblinz on Steam

While it seems that, for now, the game is solo play only, this could change! Don’t worry, multiplayer fans, as the game is still in development! No doubt Goblinz Studio will make plenty of improvements while the Game is in Early Access.

synergy game gameplay

Whether they introduce multiplayer or not, one thing is clear: this game looks amazing. Playing it might not be a group experience, but with graphics that beautiful, who cares? If Synergy interests you, make sure to get it from Steam on May 21!

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