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What the Fog: What Carries Over Between Runs?

Are we starting over again?




What the Fog is a game in which you will constantly start new runs after one is done, so it has a lot of rougelite elements. The game puts you into dungeon-like areas which you can go through with friends, and upon dying, start a new run.

With that said one of the main questions on most players minds will be what carries over between runs.

Luckily for you we will be looking at how the overall system works and what players can hope to bring with them when starting a new run.

What Carries Over Between Runs?

What the Fog is defined by its developers as being a roguelite game. One of the main elements that define these games is the permadeath mechanic. This mechanic requires players to start a new run when they fail their current run.

When the player starts a new run in What the Fog, they will unfortunately not keep their stats from a previous run. From a stats point of view, you will not get stronger, but there are other ways in which players will be able to get stronger for future runs.

Gameplay still - What the Fog


Players though will have access to unlockables that will carry over into new runs. Unlockables are characters or other things that can help you out in your future runs. They don’t exactly make you stronger, but they do give you access to different abilities and other gameplay elements.

For example, one of the unlockables in What the Fog is the Feng Min. She is a playable character that can be unlocked fairly early on. To unlock her all you have to do is complete one run in What the Fog. Upon completion, you will be able to use Feng Min for your future runs.

Each Run is Different

gameplay still What the Fog

Another unique element of roguelite games is the map you load into. Each time you start a run, the area you start in will be different. This makes for a completely new and exciting experience each time you start a new run.

The game is fully based around this, and it wants you to unlock as many Unlockables as you can and keep starting new runs. Other than stuff that can help you, another cool aspect to look out for is stronger enemies.

You will be able to unlock stronger enemies throughout the game. Defeating enemies will unlock Elite variants of them, which do more damage and are harder to take down. So alongside, you getting stronger, the enemies you fight will also be harder to take down.

If you’re wondering with how many players can you play What The Fog, check out our article on that!

Overall the game does kind of reset at the start of each run, but there are plenty of things in the game that can help you out in new runs. This also helps keep the game exciting for longer and keep players engaged.

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